Main Services
  • Commercial cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Builders cleans
  • Washroom and hygiene services
  • Conservatory roof and cladding cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • UPVC Cleaning
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Fully insured up to £5 million
  • Risk assessment service
  • Staff with IPAFF High level platform licenses






How it works

How does the GoCardless transaction model work?

GoCardless acts as a 'master merchant', processing payments on behalf of many companies.

When you pay by GoCardless we collect payment from your account into our own. These funds are then remitted on to the merchant you are paying.


How does GoCardless collect payment from my account?

GoCardless uses the Direct Debit protocol to collect all payments. This allows us to process payments without using the card networks.

To collect payment by Direct Debit, GoCardless first sets up a Direct Debit mandate on your account. This mandate is then used to collect the payment you have specified.

Don't worry - if you have set-up a one-off payment, we will only take the funds once. You can check payments made with GoCardless anytime by logging in.


How long does it take to process my payment?

GoCardless automatically pays out funds 3 working days after they're collected. You can see more details here.


What if my funds don't reach the merchant?

GoCardless is not aware of any payment ever failing to reach its destination. However, if this were to occur for any reason you would have a right under the Direct Debit Guarantee to charge back to payment.


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